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28 July 2016 @ 12:11 pm
04 July 2016 @ 01:06 pm

It's been a month now since my new thriller novel Nomad hit bookstores and I'm pleased to say it's doing well! Three weeks to date in the Sunday Times hardcover bestseller list (charting highest at #5) and making the top six Kindle titles on Amazon's Crime & Thriller list means a lot of people have been giving it a read, and to one and all I would like to say a heartfelt thank you!

Nomad was a real roll of the dice for me as a genre writer to try something new in the thriller mould and it's been great to see the surge in audience interest. My thanks to the team at Bonnier Zaffre and United Agents for all their hard work on the launch - and more so to all my friends, family and colleagues who have been so supportive in these past few weeks; I <3 you guys!

Around the launch of Nomad, I did a few blogs, Q&A's and the like - and so for your interest, here's a full list...

I talk about inspiration with the Writing.IE website.

I share my Top 5 Fictional Espionage Agencies with Nudge.

Here's a transcript of the Live Twitter Q&A I did with Bonnier Zaffre Books.

I discuss the Enduring Appeal of Espionage Fiction with Foyles.

Another Q&A, this time with the Bibliomaniac blog.

This guest post at The Civilian Reader blog talks about the music of Nomad.

I talk about some of the Exotic Tech in Nomad with The Crime Warp blog.

Over here I chat to the Irish Times about writing locations.

And of course, if you'd like to buy a copy of Nomad, look for it in your local bookstore, supermarket or right Here!

22 June 2016 @ 09:39 am
New book day is always the best day!

Check out the cover art for Adventures In No Man's Sky, an exclusive anthology featuring the comic strip "Cargo" by industry legends Dave Gibbons and Angus McKie, and the prose story "Ashes & Iron" by me...

Adventures In No Man's Sky will be available as part of the No Man's Sky Limited Edition release for the PlayStation 4, and you can learn more about that Here.

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14 June 2016 @ 04:36 pm
I don't think I've deluged all you good people with quite enough promo madness for my new novel just yet; and so I've got a couple more updates for your entertainment...

First, Here I am appearing on my good friend Adam Rosser's Game On show talking about Nomad (even reading a bit) and a little about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Then, Here's me talking to The Irish Times about the importance of locations in writing and when writing.

And however you want to slice it, it seems that all this bloggage has been doing the trick, because I am very pleased to say that Nomad has leapt from the #12 slot in last week's hardcover bestseller list to #5 for this week (and #6 in the Sunday Times!)

So to everyone out there who bought my book, please accept a big thank you from me! You support is very much appreciated!

(And for anyone who hasn't yet picked up a copy, allow me to gently remind you that Nomad is available online and at all good bookstores!)

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11 June 2016 @ 11:01 am

It's now been a full week since my new thriller novel Nomad hit bookstores and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been picking it up over the last few days - the book is doing well in hardcover format and the ebook edition made it to #6 in the Amazon Crime Thriller charts in just a couple of days, so your support is greatly appreciated!

In the meantime, my mission to promote Nomad far and wide included a brief interview with Arena, a show on Ireland RTE 1 radio station on Friday, and you can check out the show's page on the RTE site right Here.

I talk about the main characters and the themes in Nomad, high energy radio frequency weapons, truth being stranger than fiction, the significance of April 18th in my career and more besides...

And as ever, Nomad is available for order online or at your local bookstore....

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09 June 2016 @ 09:15 am

Today's Nomad blog - as part of my ongoing promotion for my new thriller novel - is a short piece I did for the Crime Warp blog talking about the research into Exotic Tech that I did for the book.

Check it out Here!

Meanwhile, Nomad is available Here in hardcover, trade paperback and ebook editions...

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08 June 2016 @ 08:44 am

Continuing my daily blogging run as part of the promotion for my new thriller novel Nomad, today's entry is a guest blog over at The Civilian Reader.

Check it out Here; I talk about using music as an aid for writing and my choices while writing Nomad, and I've selected a few cuts from my playlist that for the novel's soundtrack...

Nomad is available Here.

07 June 2016 @ 09:27 am
Today's promo piece for the new release of my thriller novel Nomad is an interview I did for Katherine Sunderland's BiblioManiac blog, and you can check it out right Here.
I talk about my inspiration for the book, the character of Marc Dane and the unique challenges of writing for novels and videogames...

And meanwhile, Nomad is on sale now in all bookstores and online Here...

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06 June 2016 @ 02:34 pm

My global(ish) blog tour continues today with another brief piece for Foyles, and this time it's a collection of thoughts on the Enduring Appeal of Espionage Fiction - just what is it that makes spy stories so compelling?

Check out the blog Here.

Meanwhile, my new thriller novel Nomad is available Here, with a limted time deal on the eBook edition for just 99p...

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05 June 2016 @ 12:13 pm
Last week, on launch day for my new thriller novel Nomad, I took over my publisher’s Twitter feed for a live Q&A session about the book – you can follow them at @BonnierZaffre – and here’s a transcript of the conversation...

Hi everyone, James Swallow here! I've hacked @BonnierZaffre's twitter feed(!), so we have an hour before security track me down...

I'm here to answer any questions I can about my new thriller novel #Nomad, so ask away!

First off, John Deane on email wants to know: 'Who are your favourite writers?'

For thrillers: I'm a fan of Robert Ludlum, Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy, Greg Rucka, James Cobb + many more!

I've always liked action-adventure & I wanted to embrace the challenge of writing in a different genre. And also thrillers are cool.

That last answer was to @misshelved's question: 'What made you decide to write this story?'

@Emily_BookPR asks 'Can you describe #Nomad in 5 words?'

Betrayal. Explosions. Fugitive. Revelation. Redemption.

Marc Dane & I are both technophiles, so I had fun getting into the weeds a little with all that stuff!

Whoops, did that again; last answer was to @NicoLondon1985 'What part/angle of the book did you enjoy writing the most, and why?'

@robcox85 asks 'If you had a Stan Lee-style cameo in the #Nomad film, what would you be doing?'

Ha! That's a great question! I think I'd like to be the guy who sells Marc Dane his high-tech spy-gear laptop...

An email Q from Ron Sinterklaas: Would you like to make #Nomad into a video game?

An action-rpg in the style of Mass Effect, Deus Ex or the underrated Alpha Protocol would be very cool.

@LaurieGoulding asks 'You're known as a champion of tie-in fiction - how did writing #Nomad differ from those sorts of projects?'

With original work, you don't have the safety net of an established world, but you do have "reality" to draw from. Both are challenging!
Following on from that...

@cynicalcylon asks 'Tie-in stories have their history ready for referencing, but how do you research a story of this type?’

I read everything I can get my hands on - tech blogs, security reports, stuff about digital security and hacking groups.

@MadeleineReiss asks 'You have written so much over the last 15 years do you ever worry that you will run out of ideas?'

Actually, I'm more worried I'll get too old to type before I have a chance to write all the stories I have kicking around!

@ThePeterJEvans sez 'Most of your previous work has been SF – did writing a real-world story feel restricting in any way?'

Yes & No! Restrictive because you can't invent new stuff so easily, but helpful because the real world is your resource.

@budding_author asks 'have you ever written a scene based in a country you've never visited? If so how do you make it authentic?'

Nothing beats having been there, but if you can't - research, research, research! Authenticity is all about getting the feel right.

@p_s_clarke wants to know my 'biggest influences while writing the story?'

Definitely the works of Ludlum, Fleming etc.

We've got 15 mins left on the clock, so post your questions to @BonnierZaffre using the #Nomad hashtag & I'll try to get to them all!

Another from @misshelved 'If Nomad was turned into a film - who would you see as Marc and Lucy?'

Maybe @Liam_J_McIntyre for Marc Dane. In my head, Lucy looks like Josette Simon circa 1981!

@rose_mannering asks 'how long did it take you to write it and what changed when your first idea to the finished book?'

I started building the plotline for #Nomad in 2008; it was probably 4 months of writing spread out over a couple of years.

I did a lot of work on the plot before I wrote anything, so the final version didn't change much.

@BraD_lutz asked 'Have you already fleshed out ideas for future adventures with Marc Dane?'

@NessHolly asked 'Will #Nomad be a standalone or are you hoping to revisit the characters?'

The answer to both questions is yes, Marc will return in follow-up story in 2017, and I have more stories to tell beyond that (I hope!)

@BashayerBebita asked 'Why did you choose the Arabic in ur cover, do you speak the language?'

I wish I did! I have little skill with languages! The Arabic text on #Nomad's cover was a design idea from the art team.

@char_zine asked 'What's your favourite gadget ever invented and why?'

That's a tough one. I'd say the Walkman & later the iPod, because I like having my music with me wherever I go. Smartphone for 2nd.

Okay, the firewalls are cracking so I'll making my escape soon...

Thanks to everyone for participating in the #Nomad Q&A! Some excellent questions there! It was a pleasure to talk to you all!

If you have more questions, follow me over at @jmswallow or my blog at http://jamesswallow.blogspot.co.uk/ & check out #Nomad!

Nomad is on sale now, and you can order a copy Here.

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