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06 February 2017 @ 01:06 pm
My newest entry in the Horus Heresy series is officially relased this week: Garro: Weapon of Fate is the definitive compilation of all the Nathaniel Garro stories to date in prose form.

As my esteemed editor Laurie Goulding described the book: "It's James Swallow's full novelisation of Nathaniel Garro's story arc, something we've previously only seen (in part) in the audio dramas and novella. There are new and extended scenes, whole new chapters in fact, making this just about the most definitive exploration of the founding of the Knights Errant, and everything that comes after..."

Check out this ace piece of cover artwork from Neil Roberts...

The book includes a new introduction, content from the audio dramas Oath of Moment, Legion of One, Sword of Truth, Shield of Lies, Burden of Duty and Ashes of Fealty, plus the Vow of Faith novella and bridging material that collates the whole story into one single epic bind-up.

From out of the shadows of the Silent War, a hero emerges. Clad all in grey, an errant warrior of the Legiones Astartes kneels before the Regent of Terra, and accepts a solemn new duty – Battle-Captain Garro, once commander of the Eisenstein, now Agentia Primus of Malcador the Sigillite. From the desolation of Isstvan to the halls of the Imperial Palace itself, he stands as a paragon of loyalty and protector of the innocent, ever ready to strike back at the traitorous allies of the Warmaster. But Garro is walking a path of his own, one that may lead him to question his own place in the Imperium... and what if he, too, should falter?

As well as the hardcover book, there's an eBook edition and a 12 hour+ audiobook version narrated by the voice of Garro himself, the mighty Toby Longworth. Click Here to order a copy!