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Swords & Starships

Mad-busy as I am, just a compact and bijou update this week;

Item One!  Highlander: The Four Horsemen, the four-part audio drama miniseires written by Scott Andrews and James Moran, on which I served as script editor, will now be released as a box-set in January 2011, but is available for pre-order now over at Big Finish's website for a reduced cost for a limited period. Click Here to order a copy. Also, if you'd like to hear more about the project, check out June's BF podcast (available Here) at the 26:30 mark to hear producer Paul Spragg discussing it...

Item Two! As annouced in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine (#154), I'm writing a new Trek novel for publication in October 2011. The book is set after (and also prior to) the events of the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and centres on the characters of Valeris, and Elias Vaughn (from the Deep Space Nine novels). The title is Cast No Shadow.

More on both of these in the months ahead...

Tags: highlander, star trek

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