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More Blake's 7 on BBC Radio 4 Extra

As noted downblog, on Christmas Eve the Beeb hosted the broadcast premiere of my Blake's 7 audio drama Escape Velocity, the most recent in the B7: The Early Years series of prequels. If you missed it, you still have two days to catch it again Here, via the 'Listen Again' function over at BBC Radio 4 Extra.

But we're not done yet, oh no. On New Year's Eve at 6.00pm GMT, Radio 4 Extra will be broadcasting Point of No Return, another of my B7 stories, this time featuring the character of Travis - seen here in an Earthbound story set earlier in his career as an officer of the fascistic Federation.

London, 2230. On the eve of a tense election that will send shockwaves throughout the Federation, Major Stefan Travis finds his liberty unexpectedly cancelled and a new assignment thrust upon him.

A key political activist and opponent of the government has been arrested, accused of hate crimes and incitement to violence, but a trail of murder and conspiracy leads Travis to doubt the truth presented.

When a deadly terrorist atrocity looms, how far will he go to prevent millions of deaths?

Craig Kelly (Doctor Who, Queer As Folk, Titanic) plays the younger Travis, with Jake Maskall (Centurion, Skins, The Tudors) as his 2iC Garcia, and the always excellent Peter Guiness (Alien 3, Sleepy Hollow, Hogfather) as Varon. If you miss it at Six, and you're still sober at Midnight, you can catch an encore presentation; otherwise, it'll be on the 'Listen Again' service for another week afterward.

And there's more. Also on NYE following Point of No Return, there's Ben Aaronovitch's Eye Of The Machine at 6:30pm and 12.30am; EotM stars Colin Salmon as Avon, with Keeley Hawes and Geoffery Palmer.

A week later on Saturday January 7th at the same times there's two Auron-centric stories - Marc Platt's Flag & Flame, featuring Susannah Doyle, Natalie Walter and Michael Cochrane; that's followed by Ben's Blood & Earth, starring Amy Humphreys and Julian Wadham, with Blake's 7 regular Jan Chappell in a "related" role.

Finishing up the series on Saturday 14th January are two interlinked stories about the character of Jenna by Simon Guerrier, The Dust Run and The Trial, starring Carrie Dobro, Stephen Lord and Benedict Cumberbatch.

If you'd like to buy a CD or digital download of Point of No Return, or any of the other plays, click Here to find them at the B7 Productions website.

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