jmswallow (jmswallow) wrote,

Incoming! [April 2012]

Here's April's 'Coming Soon' update on future projects and events:

Inva2ion - SF convention in London. 11th-13th May.
Stargate SG-1: Half Life - Part one in the first of two Stargate audio drama box-sets. 31st May.
The 11th Hour - Doctor Who convention in Birmingham. 15th-17th June.
Stargate SG-1 audio adventures box-set #2 - I worked as script editor on this series of Stargate audio dramas. August.
Fear To Tread - A novel in the Horus Heresy saga. September.
Games Day 2012 - Games event in Birmingham. 23rd September.
Black Library Expo Canada - Books event in Calgary. 6th-7th October.
Black Library Weekender - Books event in Nottingham. 2nd-4th November.

Sword of Truth - A 2-disc Horus Heresy audio drama for Black Library. 6th December.
Star Trek The Next Generation: The Stuff of Dreams - eBook novella for Gallery Books. 18th December.
Fable: The Journey - fantasy action-adventure videogame. TBC.

Tags: 40k, doctor who, events, games, star trek, stargate

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