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Like John Farnham once said, we can write what we wanna write, and a few years back I wrote "The Voice", a short story for the Horus Heresy anthology Tales of Heresy.

Featuring characters from my novel The Flight of the Eisenstein, the story centres around the Sisters of Silence, the pariah witch-hunters who track down and neutralize deadly renegade pskyers in the age of the Heresy. At the time, I thought it was a pretty cool idea to write a piece of fiction about characters who have taken a vow of silence, and I was able to open out the lore of the Silent Sisterhood in some interesting ways.

And now today, as part of Black Library's Horus Heresy Audio Week, an spoken word reading of "The Voice" by Emma Gregory is available for digital download - you can click Here for more information or to listen to a excerpt.

The Black Ships are a mysterious and fearful sight – unmarked vessels that scour the distant reaches of the galaxy, ever watchful for latent psykers and witchbreeds for the monolithic Astra Telepathica.

When one such ship, the
Validus, is found drifting unpowered in the nightmare realm of the warp, it falls to the Sisters of Silence to uncover the reason behind it.

As pariahs capable of blocking even the most potent psychic energy, Amendera Kendel and young Leilani Mollitas ready themselves for the worst…

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