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Last Line Meme

Stolen from Dave Mack and Keith DeCandido, because I should really be working; all the last lines of my published novels...

Spoiler warnings are in effect!

Ghost Town (2001)
“The glory, ” Drache continued, “The glory of The Faceless.”
Underworld (2001)
A thousand brass cables erupted from the sphere, fast as swarming wasps, and flew at her face, cutting, probing, slicing toward the soft tissues of her eyes.
Iron Dragon (2001)
“It begins! ” he shouted, and the wind wailed with him, snatching his cry away to all corners of the compass.
Showdown (2001)
Sleeping Fox’s leathery face crinkled in a knowing smile. “Yes, tales for another day.”
The Butterfly Effect (2004)
So I took a deep breath, turned on my heel, and I went after her.
Deus Encarmine (2004)
Arkio smiled then, and it was awesome to behold. ‘Welcome, Brother,’ he said, ‘Welcome to the New Blood.’
Judge Dredd: Eclipse (2004)
The Interceptor’s fusion engine surged, and like a falling meteor, Justice came blazing its way back toward Mega-City One.
Deus Sanguinius (2005)
One day, there would be a reckoning for the costs of the Malfallax, and every Blood Angel would pay a thousand times over for the daemon’s defeat at Rafen’s hands.
Rogue Trooper: Blood Relative (2005)
The GI turned his back on the Quartz Zone and walked away, into the dying night of a ceaseless war.
Judge Dredd: Whiteout (2005)
The woman nodded and walked away. “Whatever you say, Chief Investigator.”
Faith & Fire (2006)
Mercutio sailed on, amid stars as constant as their faith.
Stargate Atlantis: Halcyon (2006)
“Take us home, colonel,” said Elizabeth, and Sheppard threw the ship into the shimmering pool of light.
Jade Dragon (2006)
“The Path of Joseph,” said Heywood Ropé, “is thorny.” 
The Flight of the Eisenstein (2007)
Beneath the light of Terra, the two of them, soldier and saint together, looked to their homeworld; and as one, they began to pray.
Doctor Who: Peacemaker (2007)
The TARDIS blazed on through the coruscating fires of the temporal vortex, across the depths of space and time, with a million new adventures ranged out before it.
Stargate SG-1: Relativity (2007)
The four bottles clinked together.
Star Trek: Terok Nor - Day of the Vipers (2008)
His face split in a smile, and for that moment everything he had lost was returned to him.
Seeds of Dissent in Star Trek Myriad Universes - Infinity's Prism (2008)
In the isolation of his private sanctum, he drowned himself in the black and terrible truth.
Red Fury (2008)
‘You will recover the sacred blood,’ Dante gave him a long, level stare, ‘and you will wipe his blighted existence from the stars.’
Stargate Atlantis: Nightfall (2009)
Unbidden, McKay and Lorne both turned their heads to look up into the clear sky; and for a second, just for the smallest of moment, the scientist thought he saw a tiny flash of light like sunshine off silver, vanishing into the distance.

and here's one from a book yet to be released (Spoiler Warning: Highlight the text to read it)
Star Trek: Titan - Synthesis (2009)
The machine looked at him intently. “Say yes.”

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